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Kunming fast should be pass loan company is by Yunnan Province Government financial Office approved, in business administration sector law registration of Professional provides and the related business of institutions, Kunming fast should be pass loan company, and Kunming loan company, and Kunming small loan, and Kunming no mortgage loan, and Kunming personal loan, and Kunming short-term borrowing, and Kunming short-term loan, and Kunming small loan company, and Kunming no mortgage loan company, and Kunming mortgage loan, and Kunming property mortgage loan, and Kunming housing mortgage loan, company registered capital 50 million Yuan, Mainly for the micro-loans for small business development, management, financial advisory services.

company insisted service "three agricultural", and support SMEs, and service General entrepreneurs of market status, to "INF, and Vend who and win" of enterprise spirit, pursues "good take good also, again take not difficult" of integrity principles, strictly law collection rules business, active exploration and advance rural financial reform and innovation, is committed to build personal and small enterprise award letter performance excellent of small credit company, full for support place economic development contribution power. Company with advanced management mode, the leadership is the micro-credit, monetary and financial fields veteran and professional and management skills, launch days wins "thaw credit" series will be happy to provide the public with convenient lending services.

Kunming Yitong Loan Company

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