Analysis of the related bank loan difficulties facing SMEs

SMEs in many reflected his small loan very difficult, then what do we do about it? Due to the limitations of their own conditions and absence of relevant policy and other reasons, the small-business loans has always been a "long-standing" problem. Data analysis alone seems to credit CP supporters with the operation of the small and medium enterprises, in fact, unsecured small loan problem of SMEs has not been properly resolved.
the CBRC statistics showed that by the first quarter of this year, loans to SMEs both incremental and the stock, 53% per cent of total loans, for small business loans 11%, of individual industrial and commercial household loan growth 17%, significantly higher than for large enterprises and loan growth in the country. Data thriving SME lending difficult problem seems to be greatly improved.
record volume of bank loans, but SMEs still need money. Guo tianyong, Director of China Central University of finance and banking Research Center believes that can be seen from the above statistics, the current rapid growth of bank credit, 4000duowanjia small and medium enterprises in China and did not get the actual patronage, even has a tendency to continue to marginalised. In order to achieve "pro-growth" economic objectives, national policies continuously inclined to SMEs, but Bank on small business is always turned down the miles, financing remains its "spell".
Bank loans after investigative journalists found that this phenomenon is mainly due to the determination of banks to SMEs (especially small businesses) standards: for example, some standard bank banking Board; some banks have their own standards; some banks take 2.3.4 standard, according to different criteria, many medium and large enterprises were classified as "small and medium enterprises".
the point is that by the standards of banking regulatory Bureau, statistical standards for SMEs is the midsize enterprises are not included in the small, SME financing, really difficult is that small businesses, instead of a medium business. Commercial banks lending criteria, management options for large enterprise and medium business is basically the same, no difference. But for small businesses, its risk assessment and loan search, credit management and credit management is the essential difference.
fingers health Health Group President tianqing recently to a Bank application loan 5 million Yuan, previously of fingers health in Beijing the gold downtown has has 5 home chain, Shanxi has two home chain and a hotel, Henan has a by health health training school, Beijing of several shop each store monthly water 1.702 billion yuan, cash flow quite ample, in application Bank loan process in the, tianqing also suffered layer Layer block.
medium and long-term loans are not satisfied makes small businesses very distressed. Reporters in the interview to learn more about general small business loans are mainly used for raw material purchases and short-term liquidity, at least more than 500,000, period of six months to a year if used to expand the production period is longer, and more than 5 million, time is 1-3; self-employed operating working capital loans are mainly used for production, the amount of more than 3.1 million, time for more than one year. Visible, although banks are short-term loans to SMEs, SMEs still need medium-and long-term loans. For enterprises, one-year working capital loans difficult to meet investment needs. Because there are no fixed-asset investment loans, many enterprises had to working capital loans for fixed-asset investment loans, loans of this easy to make with business circles, if some of the loans to expand production facilities, easy repayment due on time, and when that happens, the Bank will immediately lower their credit rating.
above, the loan problems facing SMEs today is not much better. Many SMEs choose to rob Peter to pay Paul to fill a funding gap for lending, which directly improve the SMEs ' operations risks, is not conducive to subsequent loans.
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