Bank loans for the real estate industry control

Real estate industry of no mortgage small loan if can is good of control, so we of prices may will drop, to inhibit prices of constantly rose, national introduced has many corresponding of policy. has professional people think, if sales continues to fell, and real estate unit continued flagging, and Bank rein mortgage, again rich of real estate business also will faced funds chain stop-of dilemma, then, may is prices began full cut, and return rational of real moments. Let us look at the following reported.
May 6, evergrande launched in approximately 40 buildings across the country at the same time 8. 50 percent sales profit-sharing activities. This is the context of the new round of market regulation, the first ROC big flag of large-scale real estate development enterprises. This may mark the high prices begin to loosen.
the market considers that bank loans, along with evergrande's "lead" other projects will follow the price has been high in China's property market began to cool. However, soon said poly 8 developers that do not intend to follow the trend of constant prices. But from an economic point of view, the price has not been by the enterprises themselves have the final say.
from the Government's perspective, currently issued a series of policies have been very clear that it was pointed out that, the Government's point of view, if at the end of this year or early next year, prices can 10%-20% correction, that is ideal. It would be expected that if minimum goals are not achieved, macroeconomic management will continue to introduce more stringent policy.
real estate fund has three sources: first, the sales money; the second, bank loans and selling bonds, or indirectly financing; the third, listing or ' equity financing and other financing.
real estate deal this year have been issued since the volumes down sharply Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and Shenzhen property market, developers drained is not perfect. The situation at the time of previous economic downturn happened, but most developers don't need cut means through the real estate downturn, most of the key developers in the near future by bank loans and securities markets two channels receive continuous funding.
real estate this year after the introduction of the new deal, while banks tightened their lending on real estate enterprises, but the CBRC has been saying no new real estate development loan policy adjustments. But late last month, the CBRC stressed control over real estate development loans risk, although there is no clear plan of contraction of developer loans, real estate loans appears to be more difficult. Meanwhile, on May 6 publish the results of bank stress tests of real estate loans is a cause for concern. Commercial banks lending to the real estate business is bound to exercise caution in the future.
the beginning of the year there have been a number of real estate companies out of huge capital-raising plans, said there were 47.5 billion yuan financing plan for approval, but the macro Management Department has not granted. In early May has 25 listed companies in real estate financing plan approved on May 5, falling property stocks rebounded. But it rebounded a day, 6th or down.
current real estate business is basically in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets and the Hong Kong stock market, thawing fail to get into, thaw thaw less, depending on the market. Now China's capital market and confusing, according to China's overall economic development, under the increasing pressure of inflation expectations, stocks of the future should look good. For property stocks, however, in the context of real estate deal of the year, negative factors a lot of real estate capital markets financing prospects of listed companies.
Bank loans, this time for real estate enterprises, especially large-scale real estate enterprise, particularly in need of funds, needs a lot of money. This is not only to maintain the normal operation of the enterprise, is to prepare a lot of merger and acquisition funds. Since the trough in the real estate industry, real estate Enterprise reshuffle, according to reports that evergrande, which during a certain period before the sale, financing conditions are good. It was suggested that the price cut is a gimmick, this possibility is not, of course. However, in the present context, we thought, perhaps also is constant from the first move as a proactive test, more closer to the truth.
now, by contrast, these different financial products with stock market close, under the dual constraints of policy and market factors. Therefore, as long as the risk of major commercial banks to rein in lending to property developers, subject to market rules, so at least for the next six months, developers are most sure get a lot of money is only one channel: price reduction sale. Bank micro-credit loans for the real estate review have become increasingly stringent, and we need to wait a bit longer prices will decline.
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