Chuzhou Bank loan guarantees now has a new rule

Chuzhou Bank loans loans than Shanghai now has a new requirement for new ways to guarantee better service development of SMEs, SMEs in the financial turmoil of 2008, chuzhou city after the attacks, widespread layoffs, declining benefits, substantial reduction in orders, and so on. This is undoubtedly facing death for SMEs, this time, chuzhou, guarantees for bank loans the company bold innovation, reform the security, enabling SMEs smooth response to the financial crisis.
Bank micro-credit financing problem in order to solve the majority of SME loans, municipal decisions, was established on December 30, 2008, the credit guarantee companies, for the majority of SMEs "blood for blood". As government funding for the leading financing channel, city-backed company from scratch, from small to big, from weak to strong, fast growing, up to now, a total of 122 SME loan guarantee, an accumulated guarantee capital 607.9 million Yuan. 122 loans guaranteed, recovered 11 total 60.7 million, not a bad security record. At present, the enterprises employed more than 20,000 people, new jobs created over more than 2000 companies achieve sales revenue of 8.5 billion yuan, creating tax more than 300 million Yuan.
City guarantees company Chairman Ni Xingwu told reporter, as Government funded mainly of Bank no mortgage small loan guarantees company, city guarantees company opened yilai, urgent enterprise by urgent, wants to enterprise by wants to, active carried out work, both not in home, with Enterprise door, also not simple relies on Bank to recommended enterprise, active go door service, in-depth SMEs, strengthening and enterprise of contact and communication. Understand the business needs on the one hand, to collect first-hand information, establishing the SME database; strong corporate propaganda, duties and guarantees, guarantee companies, introduced policies to enable enterprises to understand Municipal Government set up a security company goals and secured business processes, security conditions and rates and other related policies. On has financing needs of enterprise, company active for they advice, help enterprise combined production business and the anti-guarantees situation, design reasonable of financing programme, while recommended and contact right of loan Bank, for its financing loan provides guarantees, let General SMEs in financial crisis of winter in the appreciate to bursts warmth, guarantees company also became I city General SMEs financial crisis background Xia a agent essential of tonic.
for many SMEs related property card, and land titles didn't handle, and missing effective assets mortgage this a status, guarantees company bold exploration, in risk can control of premise Xia, constantly innovation guarantees way, launched and perfect equity pledge, and demolition compensation paragraph pledge, and should received engineering paragraph pledge, 17 species flexible diverse of anti-guarantees measures, in prevention guarantees risk of while, for more venture enterprise "backed emboldened". Ni Xingwu said, anti-guarantees way of select and innovation, has been is company work of a important aspects, for focus support place pillar industry, company take "package promotion" of way, and China Yang child group held has "Yang child enterprise financing guarantees promotion months activities", through concentrated survey, and package promotion, and reduced interest rate, and reduced rates of way success to will six households Yang child enterprise promotion to bank loan, six households Enterprise total get guarantees loan 22.7 million Yuan. In all these operations using the counter guarantee effectively solves the problem of enterprises against insufficient collateral, implementation of enterprise access to liquidity support, expand win-win situation.
in June 2009, the city secured bank loans the company was drawn to join the provincial security group, which further opens up wider for SME loans, and, in the general ranking, City Bank loan guarantee the company's annual total amount secured ranked forefront. Additionally, reemployment services, guarantees for bank loans the company actively provides guarantees for bank loans for unemployed, have produced good social benefits. Bank loan guarantees can also be simplified, but not that simple, audit is very strict.
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