The concept of secured bank loans what is it?

We all know strong guarantees of bank loans, so how can we do it? Bank micro loan guarantee request Bank Legal Department effective legal basis for loan application enterprises credit status does not meet the conditions for granting a loan, but in order to accomplish tasks, branch and regardless of the actual situation, as long as the secured loan is secure. In fact, both views of security understanding of biases. Accept corporate guarantees provided by commercial banks, you should properly understand the meaning of security, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, with reasonable play the role of security in Bank loan security.
, guarantees the concept and significance of warranty means that the debtor or a third party in a particular property (the third person's credit) for the protection of creditors, when the debtor fails to fulfil or unable to meet their debts, to the specific property debt repayments or by a third person instead of the debtor debt repayment system. Security includes the guarantee law provisions guarantee, mortgage, pledge, Lien, down five. In practice is often used in commercial bank guarantee, mortgage and pledge.
the borrower in the maturity of the loan to repay the nature without a secured loan as promised. If the debtor at the time of maturity of the loan is not willing to repay the loan or unable to repay the loan, the Bank needed to exercise of the guaranteed right to recovery of the loans. But why the creditor security implementation effect? Under the law, creditors are equal, if the debtor's property is insufficient to pay all the debts, equally require the debtor to the creditor of the debtor to repay their debts. This time, the creditor's claim in full, often cannot claim. But if a creditor's creation of a security right, then he will be able to guarantee the auction or sale proceeds of repayment priority if the creditor secured with guarantees provided by the third party, he may request the guarantor to repay their debts. Therefore, in the case of information asymmetry, as banks are often unable to judge the creditworthiness of borrowers, or even know when applying for a loan credit status of the borrower, but the credit status of the borrower in the future is uncertain, the Bank may require the debtor to provide security to guard against the risk of loan borrowers become insolvent and unable to recover.
Second, the advantage of guarantees for bank loans to reduce costs. Pre-loan investigation cost reduction and post-loan management supervision costs.
urged the conscientious performance of the debtor.
limited borrowers to dispose of its property, and ensure the necessary material base of borrower's business.
the borrower when financial crises occur through the exercise of the right of repayment guarantee the realization of their claims.
protect the banks can claim priority of the earlier loans to be repaid.
the ancients says we must first sharpen his tools, if you want to make bank loans, then first learn the conceptual meaning and advantages of these guarantees for bank loans, bank loans are sure that you have a lot of help! Also learn the Insider makes us feel safe.

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