To successfully passed the audit of bank loans, we need to do?

Small and medium enterprises funding breakthrough, like unsecured micro-credit method would be through Bank helps financing, 2 008 years in May, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and Central Bank issued the guidelines on pilot small-sum loan company (hereinafter referred to as the guidelines), since the pilot entered the new phase of adjustment of the legal system.
Bank micro loan effectiveness and improvement has been causing concern in August 2008, ~2011 from March, the author also selected four microfinance company in Wenzhou, case studies the State of its implementation, from the perspective of Sociology of law, pilot small loan companies still need to be combined with the local reality and then perfect.
local factors affecting the implementation of pilot system of Zhejiang Province in July 2008 to implement the views on the pilot implementation of a microfinance company (hereinafter referred to as the implementation), carried out with strict quota limits, improving access, strengthening the control features a series of local regulations.
Bank lending in Wenzhou, local elite, private enterprises, local commercial bank tripartite consensus. Of the implementation of the provisions of each county of the province (municipal and district) is only 1 accredited pilot small loan company, Wenzhou 11 pilot in the planned quota increase to 5.
July 14, 2008, the day the implementation file, Wenzhou has dozens of enterprises information Declaration, competition pilot places very quickly into a white-hot state.
in y County, nearly 100 private enterprises to declare the County a unique pilot places, local enterprises are United more than 10 companies "hugs" compete in the city of l, leading enterprise group of h, z group, group d competition the only main sponsor eligibility.
a number of competing entrepreneurs believe that investing in microfinance company direct revenue is not high, but has limited financial "licence" of high economic value, can improve your business reputation and market position, more importantly qualified financial reforms for greater opportunities in the future.
October 2008 Wenzhou first filings submitted to the provincial Finance Office of only selected 3 pilot companies, the related businesses use a variety of it resources is closely related to the background of the licence.
visible places for the intense much of scarcity on the corporate elite to the symbolic capital of the instinctive possession, on access to finance access to huge investment impulses.
local governments also make full use of pilot authorized to improve the access of the guidance standard. The implementation will be to increase the registered capital of no less than 50 million in the form of a limited liability company, Corporation forms of no less than 80 million Yuan.
Wenzhou small loan company pilot work operation (Xia said operation) further improve requirements, registered registration in principle take by corporate established of Corporation form, and by Xia's area administrative level put registered capital lower respectively improve to 100 million Yuan and 200 million Yuan, and additional quantitative standard improve on main sponsors qualification of requirements, to administrative means control County access checks, as w County requirements, declared pilot company main sponsors must is 2007 degrees this county "feats enterprise" (Only 2 of the County).
by pilot implementation, return to profit distribution and the right of local governments to consolidate their network centrality, on behalf of the rule of law to suppress the embedded "relationship."
Bank loans under the current financial monopoly, to build the local private financial system dominated by the local government (elite private and fully cooperate with local commercial banks) may have a major breakthrough, the local consensus is to a large extent in Wenzhou, the strong control of the Government.
through operation, Government will pilot company grant local leading enterprise business, and constantly supporting on promote strong joint, and ahead of half increased funding, and tax returned grants, and financing platform support, and pilot number increased spread, series rules, on pilot company always keep full control force, and commitment "Twelve-Five" during will local pilot company increased to 80 home, allows excellent company to village Bank.
pilot system effectiveness analysis of the current system by sector regulations and local rules parallel framework, the effectiveness of the system of first performance for "parallel framework" divergence of legislative intent, which focuses on micro-loan company policy and commercial priorities.
implementation "three agricultural" policy is guide views introduced of main policy background, Central related legislation sector for its macro-control functions more concern policy sex, expressly small loan company to service "three agricultural" mainly and commercial operation of private enterprise corporate, its legislation intent for policy sex priority and both commercial: will private subject gradually introduced formal financial to effective meet of grass-roots credit market, to its grassroots advantage inspired grass-roots market of vitality.
and local Governments implementing provisions have been formulated starting point is local development interests and private financial funds in Zhejiang province for bigger bottleneck local policy settings to zoom the commercial intent of the guidance, pilot companies in Wenzhou has been characterized by commercialization trends of commercial system design. Want to pass the approval of bank loans, we need detailed understanding of local bank loans for SMEs policy.
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